Research History For Serrapeptase

For over thirty years, patients in  Europe and Asia have understood the benefits of Serrapeptase. It is a common medication prescribed by doctors for a variety of ailments. This remarkable enzyme does one thing extremely well.  It destroys non-living protein cells and tissue leaving healthy tissue unaffected. As a result,  Serrapeptase dissolves all types of inflammation, arterial blockage, scar tissue, blood clots, and cysts. This list includes health issues that create many of our physical problems. There are many more ailments that Serrapeptase benefits, from sinusitis to arthritis to emphysema to clogged arteries and much, much more! Visit for a more extensive list of conditions that benefit from the use of this natural enzyme.

Serrapeptase was initially extracted from the intestinal tract of the adult silkworm moth who used it to dissolve (digest) its sturdy, protective cocoon and thus liberate itself.  Now, Serrapeptase is grown in sterile labs for human (and pet!) consumption. When introduced to the United States in 1997, clinical studies and anecdotal evidence confirmed that Serrapeptase is both safe and efficient with no significant side effects.  In most clinical trials that have been reviewed, no side effects were reported. There were, however, a very few, very minor side effects reported in one clinical trial, a case of minor diarrhea for one participant and a headache for another.

Because Serrapeptase has the effect of dissolving fibrin, which makes the blood less “sticky” and thus helps prevent clotting by “thinning” it, anyone taking medication for blood thinning should discuss their medical needs with their doctor. There are numerous testimonials throughout the internet touting the effectiveness of this natural enzyme for the many health problems.